Android on your PC!

 I'm a person who has used an Android phone only once in my life, and I have no words to express how great the interface and its application works out. Recently I got to read the latest edition of Chip(March 2011), which has an additional booklet about Android. An article caught my attention which says you can download the image of Android OS and use it in your Netbook/Laptop. So I went out to give a shot on it, let me explain how it should be done.
  First download the image of Android from this link A variety of choices are given, you can either use the stable Androidx86 1.6.iso version or the Android x86 2.2-generic version which is the Eclair version. It's size is 82.4mb.

Click on View to download the image
The next step is to create a bootable USB disk, you can use a software if you already have it, or you can download it here-  make sure you have an Pendrive with atleast 256mb free, preferably backup the data on the USB drive. Its size is less than 5 mb. Make sure that you pen drive is formatted as FAT32 as NTFS does not support Booting.
   Now when its done, reboot your system and change the Boot device, either through the Bios settings or through the shortcut key(F9 in my case). Use "Run Android-x86 without installation" option to get into the world of Android.
  It was FUN! Wished my laptop screen could respond my touches though. You can explore the apps given in it, eventhough Wi-Fi option is available, for some reason it would not connect for me. And you also need an SD card to save things, it does not detect your hard disk. But the funny thing is, eventhough I have issues connecting via Bluetooth in Windows Server 2008 R2, I had no issues on Android. It was nice going through the interface and even playing games. I just went through the interfaces and apps(including Live wallpapers), have to dig up more on the possibilities of Android on my laptop. I had a confusion on how to reboot from Android, and I pressed the power button of the Laptop, I got the popup you would get on an Android phone, Giving option to Power off, Airplane mode etc. You can also power off your Android using either F4 key or the END key. It was a weirdly fun experience - Give a shot and Enjoy.


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