A piece of info for al girls out der

Recently it was the talk of the town and just after a week it seems it has become yet another story that we read with our morning coffee and easily forgotten. Im tlkn abt the shornur train incident. We all wailed abt the system and for d martyr of societys negligence for a while(or for the sake of it) and its al old story now. May be if this article helps the few people who read it to remind abt the incident n if im able to make it linger a bit longer in ur mind il be successful in my motive. Though we call ourselves gods own country and us the ‘advanced’ people it reminded us dat how we are still a crude bunch of people who are reluctant to attend to a helpless girls cry. The question everywhere was how safe is our train for women. If even at an early time that too with a crowd of mighty men just few feet away a girl was slaughtered how are we going to call us civilised. So its almost a fixed fact now that we cannot expect neither the people around or the railway to take some actions themselves. The incident tells us something else too. The phone you carry with you all the time can be used for other thngs more helpful than texting ur frnds. It can turn to be ur saviour when required.
Here are a few essentials for the girls who travel alone:
-          You need to hav the railway alert numbers stored on ur phone.
Dial it and the police wil come to assist you
(If u r alone in a ladies coach an police asst wil come and accompany u  )
So if ever u feel unsafe in a train don’t hesitate to make a cal, an action at right time can make a lot of difference.


  1. heyy really good one this time..where u been btw!!!

  2. heyy really good one this time..where u been btw!!!