Mark Zuckerberg in India

 I guess almost all of us knew when Obama landed in India, or even Bill Gates lands on our land, but the most popular person in the world right now(With his own world called Facebook) had spent time in India, and not many knew about it. A few sites realised this fact and even put up a contest in which Money would be offered to anyone who provided snaps of Mark Zuckerberg. His story is being wild spread through the movie The Social Network which has hit millions of hearts.
 Mark made an update on his Facebook profile along with the photo you can find on the right. His update went as follows -
  "I'm in India this week for vacation. I'll be attending a good friend's wedding and checking out a few cities while I'm here."  And apparently he enjoyed the time in India. Even more pics were spread on the net, in which Mark Zuckerberg shook a leg on the marriage.

 He also visited the Osho Commune. Amrit Sadhana, a Senior Member of the Osho International Meditation Resort’s management said “The millions of hits on Osho on the internet and numerous references on Facebook seemed to have evoked Zuckerberg’s curiosity and he visited the commune a few days ago,”
 So if you were in Mumbai or Puneby December end, there is a chance that you might have walked past Mark and not noticed him! If you have pics, search them :) Who know what you had gone through!

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