Few points to build up your Virtual Personality

  Messengers have been around for really long now, I still remember using Yahoo Messenger while I was back in 9th Grade. Then came Gtalk which is the most used messenger nowadays. I never got much into Windows Live Messenger though, from what I have heard, its awesome too. But all these messenger's basically allows you to chat with people you know, mostly friends and family. But a great deal has been changed since the launch of Facebook. Atleast 50% of your friends will not be personally knowing you, its not the same for all. But definitely for me, almost 80% of the my friends on Facebook are not 'real' friends, they are online friends. And I have communicated with tons of strangers as well. So what's the difference in talking with your friends on a Messenger and talking to a total stranger on Facebook.
  One point to be duly noted on Online chatting is that, people don't see your face, and have no idea the emotion you are in. Words can be easily misinterpreted, words of joke can be taken serious - even ending a relation. Even the way you type depicts your personality and approach towards your friend. But people seldom care about all these, and specially newbie's, they tend to make public posts, which would completely shatter their personality. You should take lot of care while posting in a public community, different people interpret things in different ways - as the saying 'Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder'. Your comment maybe taken as absolutely absurd, stupid or irrelevant. Its important on how you present your ideas, words of love maybe mistaken as words of anger, ending a whole nice friendship.
  I would like to quote down a few points that you should keep in mind while making public posts. These are my own observations and can be wrong, please feel free to correct me.

  • - Never use short hand writing, unless you want to be portrayed as a funky person. I always admire a word - Love  and I'd like to say Love  and luv are entirely different. Both gives out a different aura. It may not be the same for all, but definitely its for me. 'hop u r hvng a gr8 day, lukng fwd to meetng u soon' and 'Hope you are having a great day, looking forward to meeting you soon' both give out different wavelengths of emotions. This may not be relevant if you are talking to a close friend, but of course when its a stranger who does not know much about you. I've personally had lots of bad experiences of mockery by strangers. I used short hands in my early stages of Facebook, the Lockerz community had ripped me of making a mockery of my language. I've tried to improve since then, and I believe Ive come a long way. Another word I would like to say is 'k'. I see lots of people using 'k' instead of 'ok'. Personally, it gives me a feeling that he/she is fed up of me when this word pops up. Come on! Adding an 'o' is not a big deal! I normally us 'okay' or 'okie' which sounds better at least.
  • - PLEASE AVOID USING CAPS! See? Its like I am shouting at the peak at you. This is a common mistake done by newbie's. They don't care whether Caps are On or not. But this is a very bad mistake to be done on a public community. Using caps give the feeling of Shouting, which people can be offended pretty easily. Even you can feel the difference, I'l put up an example - 'COMMENT ON THIS POST!' and 'Comment on this post please' gives out completely different aura's. Of course the word 'Please' has a lot to do in it. Even 'PLEASE!' and 'Please' sounds entirely different. Not all will notice it, but its an integral part of proper communication.
  • - Proper language is another factor that molds your character. The way I typed this article, as well as my Facebook posts, would portray me being very formal(I believe). I like it that way, but may not be for all. Youth would love to do it the attractive way, using the most 'popular' words every here and there, trying to catch in attention. 'm gona sleep' and 'I'm going to sleep' is what the difference would. Grammatical mistake can also affect on how your character is interpreted. 'do my tlkng make you bore?' would sound very childish, rather using 'Is my talk boring?' would make more sense and give a superiority in your talk.
  • - I recently found out that Smiley's can be a real boon to show off the emotion. Using the smiley's can indirectly portray the emotion you speaking in, Ive been constantly using :P smiley, which makes people feel that I'm not taking it seriously(Again, I believe so). It chills off the environment in case of an ego clash, which would be in fact just a misunderstanding.
  • - To promote your sites or comments, you would certainly spam on walls or mail. Trust me, this certainly degrades your personality among strangers. People would get really irritated on this. I usually update my wall whenever I put up a new post on my blog, even which I believe can be irritating to people who don't care about all these. But people tend to do that to promote their sites, and unless its useful, I try to avoid this.
  • - Now speaking the way I said above has its disadvantage as well. People would consider you far superior and very formal, and might not share a laugh. It's up to you on how to craft your character on this world, and as on real life, every word effects your personality
I'll be updating this post whenever I come across something new, in the mean time, if any of the above points makes sense to you, please comment below on your thoughts. And feel free to share your experience as well.