Blog Statistics

  Just wanted to share the statistics of Browsers and Operating Systems I found on my site as of date 4/2/2011. I started this blog late in October 2010, and have about 13000 views, I know its not much to make an in depth analysis, but this is how it turns out to be.
  Apparently the chart makes it clear that Windows is still unrivaled with above 90% of views on my blog being done from a Windows Operating System. Linux Operating System occupies 5% of the views. I'm surprised to have even more Operating System's on my page view list. Mac OS has about 111 views, which I probably think would've come from my Lockerz friends in US. Apart from this, Ive got hits from Mobile Operating systems as well, including iPhone and Blackberry. And to my surprise even Playstation 3 - proud to know that a variety of people have actually bothered to click on my blog.
  The Browser statistics are more diverse compare to Operating systems. Around 52% using Chrome, apparently the best browser around. A slight modified version of Chrome - Rockmelt has a share of 1%(224 views). Firefox holds the second position with 30% and Internet Explorer is pushed down with a mere 11%. All the other browsers hold less than 1% of the share.

  These statistics are purely based on the views on my blog, which is quite centered to my country - India. The bulk of hits has gone to the posts I made on Campus Recruitments, and have come from my local area. The Geographical distribution of the page views looks like this. I wish the Geographical Distribution had been more uniform, but its obvious considering the topic on which Ive got the bulk of hits. But I'm still happy to see so many countries on the list! Thanks to all my viewers, and keep coming back! Hope I'm not letting you down. If you have any suggestions to improve my blog, please comment below. I know there are tons of expert bloggers over there, I'm just a beginner, with less than 4 months experience. Show the torch, and I promise I won't let you down.