Zuckerberg pawned in his own world

 Wondering how? Most of you might be knowing, but for those who don't - Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook account was hacked on the 25th of Jan! Facebook are about to introduce drastic security changes after this incident. As a major step ahead, Facebook is introducing an 'Always On' https soon. This means that, as all other secure domains(Eg: Mail providers, and Paypal) Facebook will also be on https. I found out that Facebook has begun experimenting on this, I'm not sure whether this was available before, but when my friend tried to login from another place into my account, he was redirected to an https page which required a confirmation code(Mobile or Email) for successful login. After this event, when I tried to login, I was warned that my account was tried to access by someone and also pin pointing the area from where it was tried. I had to change the Password thereby.
  This is a huge security issue coming up, the future would be exploring all kinds of measures to improve this. Facebook has also launched email service, so we can see that it would offer https pretty soon, and from then, Facebook address bar would look like this :

  Now there is another reason for Facebook to introduce this, Firefox released an addon namely Firesheep, by which one can access login details over an unsecure connection. This had caused a huge Security issue. Let's wait and see how the future of security would be, in the meantime, checkout how it would be when the Boss gets hacked.

Now that's not the right way to treat the BOSS!
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