Nintendo 3DS

 To those who are totally unaware what a Nintendo 3DS is, its a Game Console which would look as shown in the pic above. It's the successor of the Nintendo DS and DSi, and similar to those consoles, it has two screens. The bottom one is a touch screen, and the new one innovates the top screen. It can show images in 2D as well as 3D, hence the name 3DS. And the interesting part is that - it can TAKE 3D pictures. Yes, you heard it right. It has 3 cameras, one facing the player and two of them pointing outwards, which would be taking 3D images. Nintendo strongly promotes the fact that this piece of magic does not require any glasses to be viewed in 3D. Hence, unless one uses it, we cant predict the experience we are into. The Nintendo 3DS is priced at $249.99
 Beyond the 3-D capabilities, the 3DS will also have a built-in motion sensor and gyro sensor to sense the movement and tilt of the device (similar to what iPhone and iPod Touch devices currently have). The 3DS will also include a Circle Pad - in addition to the Control Pad and button controls found on current Nintendo handhelds - which provides 360 degrees of directional control in a game.
 The 3DS also will come packaged with six augmented-reality cards. Players simply lay the cards on a table, for example, and then point the two outer cameras at the cards. Looking at the table "through" the 3DS screen it will appear that animations come to life right there in the room with you. For a look at how it works, check out the video below -

For those who own current-model Nintendo DS devices, the 3DS will be able to play your DS game cards with their original 2-D visuals. And using a service that will be provided after the hardware’s launch, players who own a Nintendo DSi or DSi XL will be able to transfer games they downloaded from the online Nintendo DSi Shop to their new 3DS. But I don't think its any match for the upcoming PSP2, read about it here
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  1. The 3DS looks good but if the price is right the PSP could be a serious contender. I have also heard on some websites that the augmented reality only works at 35cm exactly, if that is true it does undermine that particular feature somewhat.

  2. True, and considering that PSP2 is looking awesome! I doubt the future of this console!

  3. True, and considering that PSP2 is looking awesome! I doubt the future of this console!