PSP 2 - Challenge to Apple iTouch?

  Wondering what NGP is? Defined by Sony as Next Gen Portable, NGP is the next version of PSP(Playstation Portable) a.k.a PSP2. Now this piece of hardware looks totally awesome, a 5 inch touch OLED screen, along with a touch pad behind the screen, which is totally unconventional. But you can see how it works in the video I post below, and I should say that its quite an improvisation done by Sony. The NGP is not slim as its predecessor. It comes along with WiFi+3G, two analogue sticks, and even a rear and front camera, totally awesome composition of features plus its rigged up with Motion sensing system. Here is the video portraying all the features of this little devil - 

  With the look of it my personal opinion is that, its going to overturn on the Apple iTouch. Being interested on games, the only lacking I had on a PSP was that it was not touch enabled. Now this piece of hardware looks extremely awesome, and even more! I know that SONY won't be a match to the Apple app store, but still it would be worth a shot. And to get an even more interesting preview on the experience to own an NGP, checkout the following demo of the NGP! The touch pad is quite a nice improvisation - check it out!

Can't wait to get hands on it! But for the moment, we have to wait for more announcements from Sony regarding the release dates and price. Till then, lets fancy about the new Nintendo 3DS targetting a launch on the March 27!