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  This was a shock for the whole campus, I still remember the day when the staff had put up the poster of Google on the Placement Notice Board. We all thought it would be the Google Woman awards event, but it was not. Google was indeed visiting to our campus! Even the Sir of our Placement Cell had to recheck to believe it, he infact showed us the mail Google had forwarded to the cell. Google became the next big thing among the senior students making their path to life, infact this has caused a lot of confusion and anxiety among students, the word "Google" became the mantra.
  Not much details were available regarding the criteria and job profile, there was a rumor that it would come with No Criteria, which were up for the grab for many unlucky people. Later the news came that the criteria was 60% throughout and no standing supplementaries, which had a setback on the campus, but was still Google. The next big setback came with the Job Profile -

The role: Risk Operations Manager
As a Risk Operations Manager, you will be responsible for managing a team of Risk associates who work on finding fraud and preventing financial loss on Google AdWords or Google Checkout. You will play an integral part in new Google product launches like the Nexus One. You will be exposed to various forms of payment fraud and account-related abuse and will be responsible for leveraging fraud detection technology in order to have a direct, measurable impact on the growing financial success of Google AdWords and Google Checkout. You are knowledgeable about technology and online commerce and utilize your strong analytical skills to innovate and improve our processes and tools to effectively mitigate Google's exposure to fraudulent and abusive activities. You are detail- oriented, work well in fast-paced environments, and are able to make strong contributions to a growing global team.

  • Manage the Risk Operations team for our advertising products (AdWords).
  • Hire, train, lead, and mentor a talented specialist staff.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional groups to enhance tools and system functionality and develop specific product functionality for our customers.
  • Work closely with our internal partners in Sales, Finance, Engineering, and Product Management to set up and maintain systems and processes that ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Ensure compliance with regulation in the areas of verification and money laundering.

  • Engineering degree preferred with a strong academic record. Advanced degree a plus.
  • Extensive people management experience and demonstrated track record in leading and motivating large teams required.
  • Experience in operations preferred but not required, including customer service, risk, compliance, billing, chargeback, fraud investigation, finance, or collections.
  • Knowledge of credit card processing, payment fraud prevention techniques, and eCommerce procedures preferred but not required.
  • Ability to effectively influence and communicate cross-functionally with all levels of management within Google.
  • Self-starting, proven leader with strong analytical skills, and capable of challenging and developing a talented and diverse team.
  • Good oral and written communication and presentation skills.
So it was not exactly an Engineer's job, and the package was rumored to be around 3 lpa, which was low even compare to the standard IT jobs. This was a huge setback, students began saying it was a Data Entry Job at Google, but still it was Google - no denying in it. It was scheduled to come on January 11th, everyone including me started preparing, but almost all were confused on what to prepare. They had mentioned that programming skills is just a plus, so not many questions would come up from there - which is normally Google Question pattern. And Internet provided no details regarding this recruitment process, so I went in blank on Jan 9th, when I came to know only the Test would be conducted on that day. The shortlisted students would have an interview another day. So then it was time for the Presentation, many depended on the details given on the presentation to decide whether to move forward or not.

The Presentation
250 students had registered to attend the test, and the auditorium was packed. Two officials from Google, Hyderabad came for the presentation - Jaykumar and Gunjan. Both were keeping up the culture of Google, wearing a Jeans, and not so formal attire. The presentation was one of the best ones I ever attended, it was interactive, and students were rewarded for answering questions and even asking questions. I myself got a sticker from Google :) . They called these gifts Shwags(Or something that sounded like that), there were wide variety of gifts including Notepads, Tshirts, Lip balms etc. It was fun, and a very informational presentation. He clearly presented the ideas on what our Job would be, and the package we would be getting - it was 3.73 lpa, better than we thought it would be(Including 3 stocks worth 70000 Rs.). It was all around fun in there, when one of the students queried about the test patter he replied "Questions would be based on Fourier series and Laplace transforms" Everyone was shocked to hear this, but then he continued "Just joking, it would be a simple section on Internet awareness and Analytical problems, which any Engineer can solve"

The Test
After the awesome experience with the presentation we moved to the Test hall, Google had outsourced the Test procedure to a Firm called Meritrack. First we were handed over a sheet to fill in the feedback of the Presentation, then we were handed over the question paper. We had to answer the questions in a OMR sheet. There were 44 questions each having 4 options each. It had 2 section, the Internet Awareness section having 30 questions and 14 questions in analytical problems. Sectional cut-offs was there, and no negative marks. The Internet Awareness section was fun, anyone who spends time gaining knowledge on latest technology can answer those questions. I don't remember many of those, but I'll quote down a few
"What kind of software is Limewire?"
"What is the technology behind Instant Search in Google?"
"What is Google Checkout?"
"How many heads can HTML have?"
"What does HTTPS stand for"
Similar questions and a few to point the Odd one out like "iOS,Android,Symbian,(And something else that I don't remember but was the obvious answer)
It was interesting, and the analytical problems were pretty easy ones too. Nothing extra difficult, so the test went in smooth.

This is a section I can't fill out now, the results havent been published yet. Meritrack has tabulated the results and forwarded it to Google, but we have no idea when the Results would be out. Stay Tuned to more details, when I have them.

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