Facebook evolves in UK

  Facebook is evolving everyday, from a Social Network platform, it launched the Facebook email recently. And now its getting ready to go bigger. Facebook is now offering certain attractive offers from certain firms in UK. This is how Facebook put launched the feature.

  Everyone likes getting a good deal, but it's not always easy to find the right one at the moment you could use it. Imagine that while you're looking for a new place to try for lunch, you could see offers from restaurants nearby on your phone. On the other hand, what if you were rewarded a special offer for coming back to a restaurant?
Starting today, businesses in the UK will be able to offer you deals when you check in to their Places on Facebook. There are some great launch offers from Argos, Alton Towers, Benetton, Debenhams, Mazda, O2, Usher with O2 Arena, Starbucks, and YO! Sushi.
We first launched Facebook Places to let you share where you are with your friends and see who's nearby. Now with Deals, you can also see what offers are around you and share those offers with your friends.
Finding deals near you is easy:
  • Using your mobile browser on www.facebook.com or the latest version of the Facebook app, open "Places" and then click "Check In". A list of Nearby Places will appear and a yellow ticket will show which Places are offering deals.
  • When you click on the Place, you can view the deal and check in to claim it.
  • To redeem the deal, just show your phone screen and get your gift or discount.
Please note that these deals come from the businesses themselves, not Facebook, so check with them at the location for more details, such as when they're running, how many offers are available, and whether a deal is just for you or also for your friends.
You'll see a few different types of Deals: Individual Deals offer a one-time discount, free merchandise or other reward; Friend Deals offer deals that you and your friends can claim when you check-in together; Loyalty Deals reward you for being a frequent customer; and Charity Deals allow businesses to donate to a particular cause when you check in.
Source : Facebook.com

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