Birth of REBOOT

  I don't exactly remember the dates, but I remember the events, how it began and finally how its going to end. Here I write down the journey of a few enthusiasts to create something new, to make it big. And thus we had buzzes, to create something new, being upcoming Final year students we wanted it to be special. In fact all of it started right in the beginning our Final Year(Correct me if I am wrong), my friend Sunny K.R put forth a suggestion to publish a Branch Magazine. That was the start, the spark to ignite a whole new flame of innovation, and thus people started to think on it seriously.
  So after the initial personal discussions, the matter went to our staff and guide Mr. Sudheep Elayidom, and thereafter he lead the torch. For the magazine to launch, we came to know that we had to rejuvenate our rusted association - Association of Computer Engineering Students(ACES). That was the first step, Nawal Kishore, Sunny K.R and Mazin Ismail were the Charioteers of the movement. These people ran in and out selflessly to make the association a reality, and hence it came up. With official recognition, we had to decide a few people as the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Association. And thus we had an election, again which was made a huge success by the above mentioned people(Sorry if I missed out any). The news spread out like a wildfire, even though we had certain set backs, the Charioteers never lost their belief. The treasurer was unanimously elected as Jiju D. and we had Contestants for the post of President and Secretary. No event will take place without difference in opinions, and it happened here too. People condemned the above mentioned for every mistake, but they were giving a 110% to make this a reality. Not many knew about this, and thus the day of election came up.

  It was some time towards the end of an academic year. Our seniors were not available for any activities. We had taken photographs of each class and staffs, which is something no other branch has done is our college. So only 2nd and 3rd years were allowed to vote. It went quite smoothly, eventhough we had certain issues here and there, all those were quite memorable times. I personally did not have any favourite, and as election was scheduled on an evening, I did not even vote on it. Sad I know, but I never knew the seriousness of it then. But the next day, I was called out to count the votes. Me along with Sudheep Sir and a few students counted out the votes. It was a  close contest, and finally Sunny K.R was elected as the President of ACES and Nawal Kishore as the Secretary - and this marked the re-establishment of ACES.
  Then began the long journey of making the magazine a reality, so first things first - we needed a name. Although, personally I was not interested in this activity, I was dragged in by my friends Gibu TM and Prashant(Thanks a TON for that). And thus we started in fact a survey to find a name, we posted it on Facebook, Orkut and spread the word to every class for suggestions. I remember Gibu posting on "Mousehunt" community in Facebook offering a 50000 Gold Coins to the best suggestions. It all turned out to be awesome, we were shortlisted to two names in the end - R3B00T and G33KBYT3S. We still had difference in opinions regarding this, I guess we spent well over a month deciding the names. Gibu started designing the brochures for the magazine, as there was a confusion on the name of the magazine, he prepared for both Geekbytes and Reboot. I guess this decided that we had to go with Reboot, the Brochure Design of Reboot was simply AWESOME! Here is the copy of it -
  And hence we decided the name, next step - Sponsorship and Articles - Both turned out to be a big Headache! We had intended to release the magazine way back in April 09! But sponsors, and articles never turned up. Nothing went our way, except that we got an Awesome Media Partner! Digit/Skoar had agreed to be the Media Partner of Reboot - Thanks to Kunal! That was a huge boost, but later we realised that was it. I'm moving forward this article as two parts, first the Sponsorship part, then the Editing and Designing part.
  Sponsorship, we literally had to move up and down every major firm for sponsorship. And the result was poor in the beginning. Personally I know Nijil, Sunny and Nawal running day and night for this purpose. I joined them only a couple of times, and everyone gave the same reply - We will look into it. The idea of magazine was even diminishing with the lack of funds. We were designated Rs. 5000 by the Principal of our college, but our estimation for the magazine was 10 times that amount. We got positive replies from a couple of firms, others we got tired following up. I think Nijil had followed up Aptech, Pvtm almost everyday, which we disregarded later. Finally we realised that it was impossible to have a magazine by April, we dropped that plan and decided we would launch the magazine as soon as our semester break gets over, that is, by August. We even had a time when we thought we would publish only the E-version of the magazine, which would atleast be cheap! But objections everywhere! From an E- Version we slowly started getting a few sponsors and we thought of putting up a black and white magazine . But as we got a couple of more sponsors and as our alumni gave their share generously we slowly graduated to the idea of a full color magazine.The whole glory of the magazine lies in its content and looks.Even thought the dates got delayed like anything, but finally we had an amount with us, the magazine was becoming a reality! I'm sure this single paragraph will never depict what the Sponsorship Team has gone through, I did not know what was happening in depth.
  On the other hand, the Editorial team was having even worse issues. The Design team was idle as they could not do anything unless they get the material, and by Design Team - I should mention that it was rather a one man army lead and fought by Renjith PR. Before going into that, let me share something about the Editorial team. This team started its work in full force, but the force literally vanished in a couple of week. The team went to each and every class requesting for contribution, but the turnout was very poor. I still remember we had a deadline as March 20 for submitting articles, which I think was extended till October. The turn out was very poor, of course, no blaming them after all they are - Engineers! This delayed the launch of the magazine even more, then we had a few clashes among the team, resulting in more delays and chaos. I think until it was late August or September, this team was just a naughty chatter box. I remember the group chats the 'Editorial Team' used to have, initiated by Gibu TM, these group chats were the pinnacle of all talks, but the Magazine. It was fun though, Gibu was trying to focus the team onto the job, which never did. Gibu had to physically torture me to get a couple of articles written, and that was the only way to get work done through Engineers! The really hard task was editing the articles, we had to rewrite most of them and then to select the best ones among them - considering the limited budget and pages we had. Once again I mention, Gibu alone made it possible for all the Editorial work to be completed. He literally dragged each and every one of us into this job, but I'm proud to finally say that I had done some work on this(Hope I don't get a Headbutt tomorrow!). In the end, we had selected the best articles and passed it over to the Designing team - Renjith PR.
  Frankly, I don't know much about what happened in Designing, all I knew was he did what he was assigned to. I barely saw him attending classes, and was completely dedicated onto this, and he really brought up a pile of articles into a Fantastic Fifty page, full colorful magazine - which very less colleges in Kerala have. Finally its time to publish the magazine, 25th January it is. The Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, CUSAT would be the Chief Guest of the event along with all staffs and students of Computer Science Engineering, CUSAT. Hopefully, the E-version of magazine would be soon available online, and let our Magazine let loose a trend of writing in the youth. I formally invite all Computer Science students to the Publishing Ceremony.


  1. :)
    The main man behind the idea of the magazine is Anurag Ojha (2009 passout). It was his dream to hav the CS branch mag released every year. He tried during his stay in CUSAT but due to recession nd all, he failed to get it out printed. He will b one of the most overjoyed person on magazine release :)

  2. Wow :) could you share this to him Nawal?

  3. You missed Manu who ran behind this to make this as an Organization.
    If he was not there ACES would have not come up, rather only just magazine.

  4. Sorry Mazin! I did not now much about the initial activities! Thanks a TON to Manu as well :D

  5. and the juniors? allengilum njangal verudhe pani edukkan!

  6. Ouch! Sorry for missing out on you guys! A big thanks to Nevin and Manisha as well!(Sorry, I don't know any others involved)

  7. and the juniors? allengilum njangal verudhe pani edukkan!

  8. Sorry Mazin! I did not now much about the initial activities! Thanks a TON to Manu as well :D

  9. Wow :) could you share this to him Nawal?