All new Dell Inspiron Duo

That's the new Dell Inspiron Duo, which looks exactly like a Netbook, and performs pretty well too. Powered by a dual-core Atom N550 processor,  with 2GB of RAM, and Broadcom Crystal HD accelerator, the specs look decent too. Heading towards the software it runs on Windows 7 Home Premium and  Dell's new Stage interface, priced at a high amount of $550! Hold on, 550$ - isn that a bit high for a netbook, which of course has an awesome red colored attire and all the normal features of a Netbook. Well, this is just half of what the gadget is ought to be.

 The looks are awesome, with a standard keyboard, glazing laptop head. So any guesses on what the surprise is? Make a guess, and scroll down to see the next pic. Hold your breath! It's true!

Still wondering what it turns out to be? The following pics might explain it better.-

The screen can be literally rotated to form a Tablet. Now this tablet is going to be totally different from all others, how? It's rigged up with powerful hardware within it i.e. to a Tablet. So priced at 550$, you now know why it is so. Lets wait and see how well this innovative hybrid works out in the future, as experts have evaluated the hybrid being sluggish and having poor software performances. But for the moment, it is a treat to awe it!
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