CSI: Fatal Conspiracy

     It's been a while since I have not spent time with games, mainly because of the hectic schedule of Campus Recruitment in my college. My hands were on Spiderman Shattered Dimensions, but some weird bug never let me enjoy the game. So I set search to the next game, but couldn find anything interesting. Then I found CSI: Fatal Conspiracy and thought would give it a try. It's a different type of game, which can get really irritating at times and can get you stuck on certain levels pretty easily. The graphics are average, and there is nothing much to enjoy throughout the game. But the game was still fun.
     The game has 5 homicide cases to be solved, which gets interesting towards the end. The last case - The Boss Fight is really interesting with Dr. Raymond Langston to assist you in the case. The game has characters from the CSI TV series including Sara Sidle, Dr. Albert Robbins, Jim Brass and Catherine Willows. It follows the usual gameplay of CSI series - You get a case, search the Crime Scene for clues, process them and proceed. It gets irritating at times when you dont know how to progress. And the mouse controls in the Lab can get a bit slow at times. Nevertheless the final case made me feel the game was worth to play. The 5 cases are Flash Baked, Planting Evidence, Tapped Out, All Washed Up and Boss Fight. These levels get unlocked in the order you progress.

      This story of the game revolves around the 'Queen of Hive' - Beatriz Salazar, the Drug Lord. Although the first two cases have no connection with this story, the remaining ones are connected and bring up the story to form a good enough climax. So my say on the game - Play it if you are jobless! It's not a game to enjoy, rather it would be fun if you follow the TV series. Now the gameplay goes like this - you have a crime scene. First step to do is sweep the whole area for evidence, whether it be blood, fingerprints or even a hair stuck on some window. Next step is to find who the DNA or the fingerprint belongs to, and then question the suspects. After collecting enough evidence you get Search warrants or Arrest warrants from Jim. In the meanwhile Dr. AI would conduct an autopsy on the victim's body and give you all the details regarding the time and cause of death. You follow up this procedure until finally you get to trap the suspect. You have a wide range of tools to process the evidences in lab like to check on the fingerprints, DNA, match the patterns and also extracting information from broken hard disks. All these may sound exciting, but its not as fun as it sounds.
      Now getting on to how the game looks. The graphics of the game is average. Nothing much to offer on that field. The sound tracks of characters are produced from original actors and sounds lively. But the game does not look and sound that good. Its just a game of solving mysteries, and the worst thing is you should solve the mystery the way it is programmed!Finally I would like to put a note on how it worked on my laptop the HP Pavilion dv6000 with specs
  • Intel Core 2 Duo T5750 @2.00 GHz
  • 3.00 GB Ram
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard(64 bit) edition
  • NVIDIA Gefore 8400M GS - 1518 MB(256 Dedicated)
  • 150 GB Hard Disk
This game does not require much of a rig to blow in full graphics. I actually checked the setting more than once to max out the graphics, but remained poor. No issues on playing the game on this laptop.


  1. I tried the game on XBLA and would agree the acting and story is ok. But the graphics are poor and as you have said some levels can be irritating.

  2. I tried the game on XBLA and would agree the acting and story is ok. But the graphics are poor and as you have said some levels can be irritating.