What is Internet? -- Google Explains.

   Internet is on every nook and corner of the world right now. It has become one of the basic necessities of human beings. Internet has brought the power of millions of processors right there for you to use. No one is going to search for a particular word, or detail of some place in a heavy encyclopedia anymore the motto is -- Google it! In fact Britannica has announced that their next version is going to be an e- version. No more bulky heavy books, all you need is a reader, even if its as light as a Kindle!
   But let me ask a Basic Question -- Define Internet. hmm... 'where people socialise?''Where we get anything we want?''where everything is virtual?' NOPE! Then what is it? Who can best define it other than -- Google? And yes here comes an ebook which has been presented spectacularly. Completely constructed in HTML5, an elegant looking "Story Book" (Yes!) lets you know all about Internet. What to get your book? -- Get it HERE. Thanks to HTML5, load the book once, and you can read it offline! Enjoy Guys, -- And Share the Knowledge ;)