Rockmelt -- The next Gen Social Web Browser

       Did you think Chrome, Firefox, Safari were the ultimate web browsers which provide you the best of Internet? The answer is NO! Social networking has caught up faster than any plague right now, and here is a Browser that provides you best for Social Networking. Rockmelt is a Chromium based browser focusing on Social Networking(Mainly Facebook). It has lots of features which makes your life on Facebook easier.
       It has lots of features enabling you to share and care in a better way, I will point out a few over here. Let's see what we have on the pics below. That's how Rockmelt looks -- Exactly like chrome with a couple of bars on both sides of the browser. And there is a separate Rockmelt search too. Lets take a look into the features.

  • Making updates on Facebook has never been easier! Once you login to Facebook -- which will be prompted right after installation of Rockmelt, you will have your Profile pic on top left. Clicking on it lets you make updates on the go! You don't need to have a separate tab for Facebook now!

  •  You can not only make updates, but see whatever is on your wall as well! Just click on the Facebook Icon found on the Right Bar, and tada! An elegant looking window(Not exactly a window) pops up and there you go! Facebook a click away!

  •  You don't have to check Twitter for the updates as well! On the Right bar you can find an Icon to login to twitter. Simply clicking on it would give you all the Tweets :) Isn that cool?

  •  Now be honest to me, how many of you like the Facebook chat? I certainly hate it. Now Rockmelt cannot pick up on the performance of the chat, but ofcourse it can improve the way it looks! A list of people online could be found on the Left bar, click on it -- and enjoy! Thanks Binu, for the chat :)

  •  You can not only chat to your friends but also find their recent activity! Right beside "Chat" you have a tab which gives the Recent Activities of your Friend!

  • You can Search for your friends, add them to favorite -- so that only your Favourite friends appear on the Chat Bar.

  •  Chrome does not have a separate search bar, and I never wanted it. But just take a look on how Rockmelt has embedded Google Search onto the browser! Search for something on the Search bar, and the Elegant popup shows the results! Again no need to go on to, or to open a new tab to search for whatever you need!

  • You can add feed of any site to the Right bar, making it easy to manage updates on Multiple websites.

  •  Sharing a link has never been easier! You can do it while you are browsing. If you find a site interesting then Just click on the "Share" button which you find right next to the address bar. That was easy! Nice and innovative Rockmelt!

These are the very few features I noted on the first use of Rockmelt. However, it is in Beta and working on to be more awesome. Initially, Users required to be invited inorder to use Rockmelt. I have three left! Anyone interested -- Message me on Facebook. More details on Here is a nicely framed video showing the practical advantages on using Rockmelt.

Updates : Rockmelt has evolved since its launch, its no more in beta and is working awesome. Its no more an invitation on Browser as well. Rockmelt version 10 is about to release with many more advanced features, waiting to use it!
The new Rockmelt looks more awesome! Its built on Chrome 10, more stable, new Twitter app, a new concept of 'View Later' which makes bookmarking easy. And the Best Chat system available! Integrated with the browser, it makes Chatting on Facebook along with browsing easy and comfortable! Try it now!

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