How to find the a Movie, or Game to Download!

     The Internet has grown way more than the spans of the Universe right now. Anything you need, even if its something that doesn exist, Google it, and there you go. Google has become the first among the Basic Requirement of man. I wouldn be shocked to see Google along with - food,clothing,shelter in the Textbooks of your children.
    So as I said, you get anything out there. You want a movie, you download it online even before the release! You want a game? None spends a Penny nowadays, its all out there. Piracy has grown way above to be controlled. It cannot be controlled in any way. Everything is available out there and poking you to be owned! Only your morale(If any) restricts you from downloading pirated stuff.
   Let me get back to the topic. I'll deal with movies first. Which movie do you want do download? Inception? Google wouldn give a straight best option to download. Here are the best alternatives. Go to, search for the movie you want. To download you ofcourse need a Torrent Client(Like a Download Manager). I recommend utorrent.

 You'll get tons of result, and your gut forces you to download the first one among them. Be careful before you download! Of course the first ones are the one with more Peer to Seed ratio(Something about Torrents, Seeds are your Computers uploading the file. Torrents is all about file sharing, even you Share the file you downloaded!) but before downloading, check on the comments available on it. combines the results of various Torrent portals. The best one among them would be course I miss Mininova).
And dont forget to read through the comments before you download! Enjoy! 
Click on the "Download this Torrent" to download a file with the extension .torrent. Open it with utorrent, and start downloading! A few steps to optimise your utorrent
  • Restrict you upload speed. If you have a slow connection restrict it to <5kbps(Double click the file you are downloading to do this).
  • Right click on the file you are downloading and select 'Bandwidth Allocation' as High.

     There are certain basics before you chose to download a new movie. A lots of versions of new movies release every day. It's difficult to get a good quality one. So when you search for the Torrent, if the movie title has certain terms, it means the following
  • CAM - The quality would be really poor A/V would be below 5
  • TS- Telesync Version A bit better version of CAM, but still poor A/V
  • R5 - These version are the closest you can get to a DVD quality movie
  • DVDrip - Go for these, the best quality and will be around 700mb(standard)
  • BDrip - Blue Ray version, which would have huge size, and equally good quality.
    There are a few popular Rippers of movies, axxo, fxg, XviD, maxspeed etc. are a few you can trust upon. So chose wisely and enjoy!
    Now if you dont want to use torrent, you can use direct links from You can find links to almost anything you want here . Be careful on the comments over here! Rapidshare is likely to spread virus, so choose wisely again! The following are the steps you need to follow to download using direct links
  • Search for the movie/game you need. And open the one with most number of 'Thumbs Up'

  • You will find the links shown in the pic below to download the movie

  • You can use any of these portals, click on those links, follow up the Time Waiting procedures and Download :)
    Alternatively, you can also use to download a Movie as a single file directly!

And Finally, if you love the Movie, Buy the original DVDs! Support the film makers!
   Want to know how to Chose to download a game? Check here!
   Thanks to David King to give me this idea, his blog entry inspired me to write this!

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