Facebook Email: A challenge to Google?

    Facebook Vs. Google war is the talk of tech world right now. Whether its official? No one knows! Google Me, the Google version of Social Networking was supposed to hit the world soon. But Google has denied this, read more about it here. So what's still burning this war? Its the fact that Facebook has introduced its version of Email, name Facebook "Messages" recently. Its not exactly the concept of an email, rather messages, where Chat, History and Messages and text are brought to a common window. In other words, it provides a social inbox, which store the history of whatever you have done of Facebook. Here is the wrap up of what Facebook has to offer.
   For the moment, you have to request to be invited to this service. Get invited here. Facebook said that users would have to wait to be invited. So please wait patiently. Facebook will automatically set your email address using your previous username ie facebook.com/username. Here is how Facebook Introduced this to the world.

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