Downloading a Game!

    I'm continuing my previous post which I believe helped you to Download Movies. All the points I said in that holds here too, especially Follow the Comments!
    The hype around is of course, Call of Duty: Black Ops. I'm following on how to download latest games. Games include PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii or PSP! The game 'CloneDVD's'(Only for PC) would be available even two days before the official launch of the game. So, if your connection is slow, get rigged up and start downloading the Clonedvd. The issue with the CloneDvd is that, it is not playable. Its just the replica of the original DVD, which is not cracked. You will have to wait patiently for a crack to release, which would release once the game is officially launched. And keep in mind that crack may not work on these CloneDvd's. Unless you are too impatient, I wouldn recommend downloading CloneDvd's. Wait for standard cracked games which would be available once the game launches.
    I have given a detailed procedure of selecting and downloading the torrents here. The trustworthy groups in gaming world are RELOADED, Razor1911 and SKIDROW. The Skullptura Rips are my favourite, they really compress the game setup and put to share(Not found much lately). There are other Rip providers such as GLOBE, who remove certain components such as Sounds, Multiplayer etc. BTARENA, provides upto date releases on anything you need to download. You can trust them and verify before you download.
    The files you download might be either .iso files or .rar files. If it is rar, then use 7-zip to extract the files and install. If it is an iso file, then use Daemon Tools to mount the image and install! If you have any issues, leave a comment below.

So enjoy Gaming! Whether it is Fifa 11, Star Wars Force Unleashed 2 or even Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. But if you Love the Game, BUY IT!
Make sure you read Download Movies before you wonder what this is about.

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