Wayne Rooney, A Traitor?

   This has been the talk for the past few weeks. Every Football enthusiast and Football expert put in their own views. Let me put my view in here.
  There is an old saying here in Kerala, " മുറ്റത്തെ മുല്ലയ്ക്ക് മണമില്ല " , it means that the Fragrance of a flower right in front of you is seldom noticed. Its true to every realm of society. Rooney has been the centre of attraction since his step into Football. He has been off form for a while, which he is not used too. Mind you Rooney is still enjoying his early years of football, and as every Human pass through his most vulnerable "Teenage", same happened here. None knows the importance of being is such a huge community when you have been a part of it ever since. My verdict is, Rooney is an awesome striker, and Manchester United will lead him the way to success. Wayne Rooney would be thankful to Sir Alex Ferguson in the end. For the moment, support is what Rooney wants, and let us give it to him.

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