My First Post...

Its about how I killed my time(and myself) till now...
   An IT professional would come across the word 'Virtual' pretty often, everything is virtual in the world of Computers. But I am referring to a world, which has become home for the present generation. The world created by Internet. People love to live in there, rather than getting into the bizarre reality. Reminds me the tag-line of the Hollywood movie “ Inception” : The Dream is Real. Yes! Every individual of the present generation wants the Dream to be Real, and Internet, makes it possible virtually.

   With the wide availability of Internet nowadays, the Virtual world has become more diverse and interesting than ever. You create the world there, which is far easier than reality. Teenagers quench their thirst in this world. They get cut off from the harsh reality and build their own dreams virtually. Instead of putting in general facts that any adult can type in, I would like to present you my own experience with the virtual world and the traps I fell into.
   It all began when I joined college, till then Internet was just a half an hour business daily done for the sake of it. Net was not cheap then, and parents had an eye on what I do, so Internet never meant much to me. Then I joined college, had my stay with friends who insisted on having Unlimited Internet connection. I was like “ Why should we waste so much money?” , then. But now, Internet is like breathing to me.Sort of ‘ Cannot live without’ . I would like to share how I got transformed like this. So I got access to Unlimited Internet, and the social networking site, Orkut began calling up my attention. Adding up friends and having more number of scraps then became my daily routine. If I miss doing this routine one day, I become really anxious next day and try to make up for the loss. But this craze did not really catch up to me until recently. Orkut, even though was interesting, did not have much options. All the while I noticed my friend Gibu still pondering upon Social networking sites, but he was using Facebook. So I thought Il give a try to Facebook, I made up an account and started working upon it. Sadly the complexity of Facebook discouraged me to look deeper into it. I  began asking Gibu to help me to get up with it, and so he claimed himself my “ Guru” to Facebook. And so he was.
    I began exploring the wide variety of application available on Facebook, I understood the concept of wall, how to add up friends, how to connect, and finally how to enjoy. I would still say I was not really an addict to these sites, until something else came up. So from social networking, again, my friend Gibu introduced me to a whole new realm of virtuality. Winning prizes online is something every boy crave for. And he opened me the gates to that world. It came in the form of 'Lockerz'. Lockerz is a site to win prizes by some simple methods, and my desire to own latest gadgets really pulled me into it. I began spending hours a day finding for referrals, trying to convince others, digging up contacts I never used. I was totally involved in trying to win a prize, and that day came by! I was almost convinced when I won an Apple Itouch. Dreams began to build upon dreams, Lockerz became something godly to me. I decided to be a part of it, and thus I started Facebooking seriously. I became a very active member of Lockerz Facebook community(I mean it!) I used to spent 5-6 hours daily on it, and if anyone asked what I was doing, I had only one answer, Help members of Lockerz. I helped thousands of Lockerz members over Facebook, people began to recognize me, people began respecting me. With respect so does come critics, some would really drag me down the potholes, but nothing stopped me from helping people. Finally Lockerz identified my potential and I officially became a part of the team. I was so excited, but only to know that my Prize was denied due to some technical problems. My friends laughed at me, but I would not stop. It was a passion to me. I kept helping people and gained a lot of friends all over the world. I got used to the world timing zones, kept track of every development in the site. I proved to become one of the best members in the team, but over the months I was getting disappointed on not getting a prize. Finally the disappointment took over me, even though I loved doing the work, I quit the team. I thought I would keep away the stress, responsibilities and expectations and spent more time on something creative. But water always flows to the ocean, I fell into another trap.
   Another emerging Tech site namely Take Bigg caught my attention, and I joined the Development Team of the site. A fresh new start, for which I would get paid too. As usual dedication is something that flows in me, and I spent hours for this. I moderated their Facebook community, and gave suggestions for the design of the site. Once the site launched, I was give the responsibility of maintaining the Control Panel of the site. It was a whole new dimension, came to know about how a site works, how the data is maintained etc. It was a Joomla based site, and I made a whole research on it. I began experimenting on several designs, adding modules and making the site interactive. It was a point based site and I had to manage all of it. The development team had another member namely Vivek, who turned out to be a really good online friend of mine. We enjoyed the work on the site, till the payday came over. They paid via Paypal, and for 3 months work, it was a mere 10$. Again disappointment, and it got worse when I came to know that Lockerz are giving away prizes to worthy team members. I would’ ve easily won it, but I quit before the opportunity came, and here I am in no man's land. And as it would happen, I quit Take Bigg too.
   Disappointment over disappointment, for what? The dreams I build up in the Virtual world. I always believed 'Never have expectations', but thought that would be wrong in the Virtual world which turned out to be a huge mistake. I realized reality is here, where I live, and not inside an electronic device. But looking back at all these I would never say it was a complete loss. Yes, I spent plenty of time for it, none of which Im going to get back. But looking on the positive side, I build up me communication skills very well. I learned how to handle someone even if he is really pissed. I learned to get used to the world time zones, earned thousands of wonderful friends all over. Everyone of them shared their cultures and experiences with me. I learned how to manage such a site and can even begin on such a project provided I have the funding.
   Now comes the conclusion part, which is the difficult one. If you were an IIM-CAT aspirant, you would be wondering what the mood of the author is. Well, this would be a tough one to crack. Having a virtual world has lots of disadvantages. It eats up your time, it cuts you off from 'real' friends and family, and it gives you expectations that you don’ t deserve. But there is a lot to learn from the world, communication, culture, technologies and patience are just a few. Even after saying all this, and experiencing all this, I’ m still active in the Virtual world. Its like someone has planted an 'Inception' in me. And one question would arise, who is to be blamed? The sites? Your friends? I would say no, all these have a purpose, but do not go too much into anything. I have realised that, but I rejoice on the things I got to learn from the period. So, if you are a starter, please be careful and keep in mind “ Reality is where you live”