Lockerz Tips(Beginners Only)

 Lots of new features are coming up in Lockerz, and a beginner would be wondering how people earn so many PTZ to bid on Auctions. Here are a few basics...
  • Get to Z-List as soon as possible. Don't just invite friends and wait for them to join. Bugging your friends would be the best tactic. Keep asking your friends to join personally, via chat, talks or mails. Make new friends on Social Networks. Put up ads on blogs, and finally, be convincing! Keep proofs in hand
  • Once you get to Z-List, then its a long procedure. You need to spend time on this. Watching Videos is the best strategy to earn PTZ. Halloween Videos give you 31 PTZ each, which can be earned three times per video. Make use of this, and you will earn about 8000 PTZ. This is applicable only for those who have Fast Internet connections. Others, select the Videos with Less Duration and watch them. And you don't have to literally watch the video, just leave it in the background of whatever you are doing, let it be playing a game, social networking, or even working. Play the videos, keep the sound low, and enter the captcha at the end. Slow connections should pause the Video, let it buffer, then PLAY or else you might not get the Captcha.
  • Shop, for all those countries applicable, is a great way to earn PTZ. Unfortunately, its not available to all.
  • FWB is launching soon, pretty sure lots of new ways to earn PTZ are coming up!
  • If you have some cash in Paypal, use it. You get into the Special Redemption, also earn upto 4 times the normal PTZ. 
  • Finally, have lots and lots of PATIENCE! People don't make these PTZ in a day, they have been in Lockerz for months(Probably even a Year). You will get your chance, all you have to do is be Patient.
Good Luck!

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