The hyped $35 Tablet fake?

  I was shocked to hear this too. Indians had gathered up a lot of attention on the Tablet PC going to be launched at a mere 35$. Named as Sakshat, it had already tasted failure once in 2009 and it seems Indians never learn from its mistakes. Trying to make a mark on the world of technology, the union HRD ministry introduced the prototype of Sakshat on July 22nd, 2010 mainly targeting schools and universities.
  In this era of Table PC's, with Ipad reigning the world, a 35$ tablet PC would be a dream to common man. Lot of attention was grabbed onto this. But recent reports show that the prototype was a Chinese OEM design. This conclusions were made by a few journalists who traced the Images and records of the prototype. The Govt. has not provided any statements to substantiate this claim. However, this news spreading over has brought up a black mark on the Tech world of India, including the highly reputed and respected IITians.
  Hoping that this would be another fake story spread on the net, looking forward for promising news from the Govt.
source : Chip October 2010 edition

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