Harry Potter Series

  The final movie of the Harry Potter series released a week ago, and to most of us, the era of Harry Potter is over. But I have a request to all those who have enjoyed the movie, but not read the book. There is a lot more in books(and I should say tons more). The details and fun of being immersed in a Harry Potter book cannot be conveyed through a movie.
  Lazy on reading books? Well, let me say I am the laziest reader you'll find. I'm literally scared to get into a library. And I should also add that the Harry Potter series were the only books which grappled myself into it. Its an unbelievable experience, and experience everyone should get into. Your imagination runs wild in there, ofcourse it will be limited now because you have a preconception from the movie. But still, when you go through the pages, you'll realise the purpose of many untold stories in the movie.

  And coming to the movie perspective, I should say all the movie except Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone did not do justice to the book. Now, if you don't know where to get the book here are a few options
  • Go to a Library and rent it.
  • Ask your friend for the book.
  • Go buy the book(Not recommended, they are costly)
  • Download the e-book - Here
Enjoy Hogwarts!

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