Lockerz has finally come up with something interesting other than giving out prizes. Their own form of social networking which is a fresh idea from the Social networks we have now. fwb;) i.e friends with benefits allows your friends to be beneficial for you. Till today Lockerz was all about earning PTZ through monotonous methods and try your luck on redemptions. Lockerz launched the beta version 1 of fwb;) yesterday and have got an overwhelming response even with a few glitches.
 So what is fwb;) ? Here are some points which makes the concept clear
  • The whole new concept of Decalz introduced, you have a Decal for everything - updates on walls, videos you watch and items you Shop.
  • When you watch a video, a new Decal is created in the "Play Shelf" of you Hallway, you have to click on the '+' on the Right top of the Decal for your friends to view it. Similar is the case to Shop. There is a new addition of Shop Decals which you purchase for 1$, and will be showcased in your Shop Shelf
  • Now about earning PTZ, you earn PTZ everytime you watch a video by clicking your Friend's Decal(only unwatched videos) and also you earn PTZ to that friend! So its totally mutual co-operation now! Same is with Shop Decalz, you click your friend's Shop Decal and they earn PTZ, purchase the item and they earn huge amount of PTZ! PTZ details are available in the pic below
  • Adding friends are done via Emails, all you have to do is to send an invitation to your friend and you are connected when he accepts it. He can then view your Decalz and help you earn PTZ! Now this is Fun! Just don't put too much expectations on the Prizes Make new friends via fwb;)
  • Finally! Add me - vineshbalan@yahoo.com ! Have tons of videos with length less than 90 seconds!
fwb;) is in its beta and lots of bugs have been reported. Non functioning of Shop Decalz is a popular one. Some of them have come up with an indirect fix to this issue. Once you click the Shop Decalz, you will get directed to the Page of the corresponding Product. Now browse through some other item, and tada! You'll notice that PTZ have added up to your account! Enjoy!

Find the FAQ Here.


  1. Kind of helpful but why would ptz add in your account if you click on someone elses decal?

  2. Its kind of promotion to urge people to use fwb;) , as implied in the PTZ chart. You click on other Decalz, you earn Ptz, and your friends too!

  3. but everyone is clicking on my decal it its not getting either of us ptz. kinda anoying as a i paid for it :/

  4. If the Decal gives a 504 Error, then it would be fixed soon. Otherwise give a try on what I said above!

  5. If the Decal gives a 504 Error, then it would be fixed soon. Otherwise give a try on what I said above!