For Computer Science Students, S-7 and S-5

  This may concern only to the Computer Science Engineering Student of S-7, Cusat. I'm posting the link which gives the Previous Year Question Papers(Nov 2009). I missed out the paper for IOM. If anyone has a copy, please forward it. Thank you.
Download it Here
Syllabus for S-7 Here.
Internetworking with TCP/IP, Douglas E. Comer Here.
Fundamentals of Neural Networks, Laurene Fausett Here.

For S-5 Students, here are the Ebooks of a few papers
Syllabus for S-5 Here
Database Management System, Elmasri Here.
Computer Graphics, Donald Hearn|M. Pauline Baker Here.
An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering, Pankaj Jalote Here.
Fundamentals of Software Engineering, Rajib Mall Here.

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