Android Marshmallow 6.0 on Xiaomi MI3 (How to setup, and short review)

The MI3 is one of the best phones by Xiaomi. Eventhough launched a couple of years ago, the hardware still holds good in the current generation. Now being a tech geek, I get easily bored by the same software and often keep changing. Personally I've used these ROMs on my MI3

  • MIUIv5
  • MIUIv5 China Dev ROM
  • Android 5.1 by Ivan
  • CyanogenMod 12.1 Official
  • MIUIv6 Global Dev ROM
  • Android 6.0 by Ivan
Of these, the ones I used the most of Android 5.1 and MIUIv6. Now that we have Marshmallow, it's time to experiment on this. Here is a short review, and brief steps on how to set this up.

Note : Most of the info is available in the XDA Forum here . And as usual, I'm not responsible for phone bricks and anything that happens to your phone. Please backup all your data before experimenting

Setting up the phone
These are the steps followed to switch to Android L, from MIUIv6(or any ROM)
Download these before starting
Steps to flash

Teewe transforms your TV to a Smart TV

Recently purchased an interesting piece of gadget - Teewe. Straight to the point, what is this?

  • It's a wireless HDMI dongle
  • It has Android/iOS/Windows apps for phones
  • It has a Desktop app for PC/Laptops
  • It has a Chrome plugin
What do all these do? Transforms your TV, into something more than a Reality show/Saas-Bahu box. With this,

  • You can 'cast' photos/videos/movies from you PC/Phone/Tablet to your TV with a couple of touches
  • You can control whatever is playing on Teewe, with any devices connected to it
  • You can 'cast' Youtube videos - Teewe directly streams from Internet
  • You don't have to ask you wife/friends to connect the Laptop to TV everytime ;)
  • You can use your laptop for whatever you want to, while playing content on Big screen!
This device is an Indian version of Google Chromecast. Although I haven't used the Google one, I'm pretty much happy with what Teewe could deliver. I believe the Desktop app is one major difference with the Google Chromecast. The Desktop app let's you play the movies/images stored in your laptop without any hassle of cables. I watched a couple of movies with this, and the streaming is lag free so far.

Now getting deeper into details on my 2 week experience with Teewe

You think that's Snow? Look closer, it's from Bangalore

Update 4[07-Jun-15]: Updated more photos
Update 3[21-May-15]: A video of the 'firey' lake. Part of my video made it into news :) Scroll down to view it
Update 2[17-May-15]: There has been a fire at Bellandur lake. Apparently the methane deposits from the polluted lake caused this fire - Fire on Bellandur Lake
Update 1[12-May-15] : Added more photos, videos, and news links

It's been ages since I've blogged. Life, work and laziness got in the way. But here I am, blogging about something that has bothered me everyday.

I live at Sarjapur Road, and commute every day to Bagmane Tech Park(CV Raman Nagar). After dropping my wife at Ecospace, I take the route via Yemalur which get me to HAL. This route flows right next to the Bellandur lake, and every day I get bothered about the condition the lake is in. While the view looks gorgeous, the sad truth is it's just pollution and a very stingy smell. Here is how it looks
This foam covers this part of the lake completely(there is another section towards the other side of the lake). On searching for more info, I found this video -

IRCTC generates a daily business of Rs.50 Crore! Wait, where's the Login page?

IRCTC a.k.a. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd, is an widely popular, useful, convenient portal for booking train tickets in India. Along with these, I'd like to add the adjectives, painful, frustrating, unreliable and pathetic(Agree?). If you don't agree with this, please click the link - IRCTC and let me know if you where able to login(or even see the login page!)

Yeah, yeah, I had a terrible week with the web portal, trying to book Tatkal tickets a very very important occasion. And 3 times, 3 days, I was left with nothing but a login screen(once in a while). I might be writing this out of pure frustration, I hope I make some sense(If no, please correct me, leave a comment!)

So I went out to dig in some information about this business enterprise. Here are my points

  • An average of 4.7 lakh train tickets are booked in a day(Source :  Forbes)
  • Rs.10(minimum amount) is levied on each of these tickets. I believe this exclusively goes to IRCTC. That mounts to a profit of Rs. 47 lakh(minimum) a DAY?
  • As per this article - We are sensitive to users' pain from congestion on IRCTC website, 8 lakh users login between 8 to 8.15 am. That post was back in 2012. This could be probably tripled by now, and the traffic bursts would come in two slots(normal and tatkal opening). Note that these pages have third party ads and Adsense(I think?). This could be a huge revenue, definitely in terms of millions of Rupees.(and that's every day)
  • As an update to statistics - IRCTC Stats. It indicates around 26 million hits a month. You do the math. And to further solidify how huge this is, the Alexa rank of the site is 451 - Alexa IRCTC. To those who don't know, Alexa is a huge database that ranks sites based on their popularity. The list is lead by the familiar sites Google, Facebook etc.

Top 10 Free Android Games that will keep you occupied for a long time

I've tried out a lot of games on my Xperia P for the past two years. Here is my list of the Top 10 Android games(Free). Please note that this is my personal opinion, do leave your list in the comments!

  1. Candy Crush Saga - I've heard a lot about this game, especially in Facebook with all that invites to play the game. But for some reason, I felt the game wouldn't be of my liking. But then, one of my friend plotted an interest of this game in me. I installed it, and Ta-Da, turned out to be my favorite game so far. This is almost a never ending game, and every level plays differently every time. It's fun, and simple, and engaging!
    What's the game about?
    Classic group three or more similar candies to break them and keep progressing. There are different types of missions you need to complete and progress through the levels(which are almost indefinite!). 
  2. Temple Run 2 - Now this is a classic game which requires no introduction. The first installation - Temple Run 1 set the trend for such a themed game. Simple, fun, engaging and never ending. There are tons of similar games around, Subway Surfers and Despicable Me: Minion Rush are similar fun games you have to try
    What's the game about?
    Run, Run and RUN! Just make sure your character doesn't fall of the ledges, or hit any road blocks. It's a simple swipe on different directions to make your character run through the levels